HRM / MRM Tools

Our revolutionary Hyper Reaction Monitoring (HRM) technology and MRM assays are changing the face of proteomics. Multiplex and dramatically increase the throughput of your experiments with our kits and software.

Setting the Standard with Biognosys

Biognosys is proud to support various types of projects. Regardless of your system and instruments, our groundbreaking technology is available to you. And by using our iRT-Kit, you can also interpret and connect with data from other labs.

Our iRT concept enables the efficient and accurate scheduling of MRM experiments. In combination with the iRT-Kit, each peptide can be assigned a stable iRT value that allows for a highly accurate prediction of retention time across chromatography configurations.


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  • iRT Kit Higher accuracy in less time
  • iRT Calculator – Convert your retention times into iRT - or iRT into retention times
  • MRM Panels – Reproducibly quantify 100 proteins in a single run


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HRM Calibration Kit

Fully automated and
reliable calibration

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iRT Kit

Dramatically increase the
throughput of your MRM

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MRM Panels

Reproducibly quantify
100 proteins in a single run

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Spectral Library Generation

Optimized workflow
to generate spectral libraries

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